Sosseh Valentine Taimoorian

Sosseh Valentine Taimoorian of NAPC
Sosseh Taimoorian, NAPC Associate Coach

Sosseh Valentine Taimoorian

NAPC Associate Coach

Sosseh has been an active Certified Professional Life Coach and Truth Advocate with NAPC since 2013.  She is a graduate of the CFA and Advanced CFA training programs.  She completed Dr. K’s coaching certification program,  and immediately started providing coaching services at Ark Family Center, Inc.   As a coach her passions lie in supporting her clients to realize their worth and express their truths in order to live more authentic and meaningful lives.  She is committed to empower women and children to break free from the mental and emotional traumas that physical abuse can bring.   

Ms. Taimoorian received her BA in Urban Studies from the University of California Berkeley, and her Master’s in Public Administration and Urban Planning from California State University, Northridge.  Outside of coaching, Ms. Taimoorian enjoys designing various urban design projects for clients, painting, and hiking/biking throughout the city.


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