About NAPC

National Association of Professional Coaches

NAPC - National Association of Professional CoachesAfter many years in private practice, Dr. K realized the need for quality education in the field of coaching and hypnotherapy. He formed the National Association of Professional Coaches (NAPC) with the commitment to educate those interested in becoming professional certified coaches and hypnotherapists.

The NAPC represents the culmination of Dr. K’s extensive professional experience developing systems and programs that have supported thousands of people improve their lives and reach higher levels of success. He has combined all of his proven techniques into a practical, easy-to-use coaching system that supplies trainees with everything they need to become fully accredited coaches and start changing their clients’ lives.

The Premier Association for Holistic Practitioners

The National Association of Professional Coaches a premier association for holistic practitioners that provides a forum where members may exchange ideas, information, techniques and methodologies.

Establishing itself apart from the rest as a multidiscipline association, which specializes in holistic techniques. NAPS’s membership includes medical practitioners, psychologists, clinical social workers, coaches, stress consultants, NLP practitioners, clergy, licensed massage therapists, hypnotists, hypnotherapists, biofeedback specialists, nutritionists, educators, mental health therapists, substance abuse counselors and others in the helping, healing arts.

More than ever before there is an undeniable urgency for complementary healthcare practitioners to unite. Our vision is to light the path of unity by providing a place where practitioners can come together under one umbrella; to explore, indulge and renew their passion for diverse holistic health care disciplines.

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